Meet Adela & Aaron Wisdom

We are Adela and Aaron Wisdom and this is our story.

September 19, 2019 we noticed a drone flying over our property. Shortly, after that we saw a helicopter flying over our house. Then immediately the Missouri National Guard, The Mustang Drug Task Force, and Callaway County Sheriff's department raided us around 8am. The warrant was for trafficking, sales, and possession of cannabis. We were detained as they searched our 8 acres. No evidence was seized.

For the next year we continued to see helicopter's circling our house. Then on June 18, 2020 around 8am we saw a helicopter flying over our house. 15 minutes later we were being raided again. I was outside in my yard when a plain car and a plain clothed officer with a ski mask demanded I turn around and when I did I saw a gun pointed at my face. 

We were detained and placed in a cop car. Law enforcement did not have a warrant. They held us for about an hour as they obtained a warrant. We were placed under arrest and were taken to Callaway County Jail. We were charged with two charges: manufacturing of a controlled substance schedule 1 and destruction of evidence. I asked the Detective to release me with a summons and was denied because of the 'seriousness' o the crime. We were booked into the county jail.

We immediately bonded out as we are small farmers and our animals needed tending to.  Our bond was $4500 for each charge. Since, bonding our case has been staled. We qualified for a public defender but due to underfunding of the PD offices we were put on a waitlist. Which, the Judge just ruled is unconstitutional. We have filed many motions including requesting our Discovery. It was then we discovered drone footage of Adela naked in her garden- the video has no evidentiary value but has been distributed as evidence. 

LEO is claiming that 22 non-flowering cannabis plants were seized in our raid. No cannabis flowers, no drugs, no paraphernalia, no guns, no money. We recently found out that the plants seized have not yet been tested. 

We have another court date for counsel status on April 17, 2021 at 2pm.

Thank you so much for your support. 
Adela & Aaron Wisdom
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