Missouri Statute Title XVII § 263.250 Marijuana plant to be destroyed

Missouri Statutes § 263.250. Marijuana plant to be destroyed--county commission to destroy -

Missouri Revised Statutes and Rules for Noxious Weeds


Chapter 263

 263.250.  Marijuana plant to be destroyed — county commission to destroy, when. — 1.  The plant "marijuana", botanically known as cannabis sativa, is hereby declared to be a noxious weed and all owners and occupiers of land shall destroy all such plants growing upon their land.  Any person who knowingly allows such plants to grow on his land or refuses to destroy such plants after being notified to do so shall allow any sheriff or such other persons as designated by the county commission to enter upon any land in this state and destroy such plants.

  2.  Entry to such lands shall not be made, by any sheriff or other designated person to destroy such plants, until fifteen days' notice by certified mail shall be given the owner or occupant to destroy such plants or a search warrant shall be issued on probable cause shown.  In all such instances, the county commission shall bear the cost of destruction and notification.


(L. 1951 p. 3 § 1, A.L. 1971 H.B. 199, A.L. 1992 H.B. 1199)

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