Aaron Sandusky - 10 years for Marijuana

Aaron has been released. Welcome home!

AARON SANDUSKY # 63038-112
DOB: 1/8/1970
Released On: 03/12/2020

Words from Aaron Sandusky - Click Here

Federal Prison for 10 years for operating a medical cannabis cooperative in full compliance with state law.

Aaron Sandusky was arrested in June with his brother and four other people. Sandusky operated three marijuana clinics through G3 Holistics Inc.

Federal authorities ordered the clinics closed in 2011. Aaron was convicted of Conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute marijuana involving at least 1,000 plants and sentenced to 10 years on January 7, 2013.

-A Message From Aaron Sandusky on Sentencing Date

Its Friday Jan 4th sentencing on Monday. I cant wait to get through this part of my case so we can get started on the appeal. This is just a formality. Now is the time to double our efforts to end prohibition, its close. The federal government is a mess and within its own departments you have conflict, some following the guidance Obama has instructed with regards to MMJ and others who have their own agenda. It’s those who continue to tie knots in the system that will expose themselves and will fall with the end of prohibition. It’s important that we stay together and support those who are fighting this tyranny. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing you all and sharing more with you on the outside.

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