Letter to Judge Carol England - Drop All Charges

Judge England - Drop All Charges - Google Drive

Dear Honorable Judge England,

My name is ______________________ and I live in ____________________, __________.

I am writing to you to ask you to drop all the charges against:

Adela Dawnise Wisdom  20CW-CR01082 and

Aaron Travis Wisdom 20CW-CR01083

I ask that you drop all charges against the Wisdom’s in the interest of justice with prejudice. They are facing 10 years in prison for a non-violent victimless ‘crime.’ The State had a non-punitive harm reduction approach to removing this noxious weed  - cannabis sativa. Please drop these charges and allow law enforcement to focus on Operation Legend - increase of violent crimes and the thousands of untested rape kits here in Missouri.

Thank you so much for your understanding and support.

Signature: ________________________________

Date: __________________________

Please, mail to:
Judge Carol England
10 East Fifth Street
Fulton, Missouri 65251


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