Charles Persico - 11 years for Marijuana

Charles Persico - 11 years for Marijuana

Charles was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison for marijuana. He has been released.


RELEASE DATE: 01/29/2019

Two Tons Of Marijuana Seized In McHenry County

A marijuana growing operation at two homes in McHenry County was raided this week by the Lake County Metropolitan Enforcement Group, the McHenry County Sheriff, and federal authorities. Together, they collected 2,200 plants from a home in the 7900 block of Maple Street in Marengo and 2,100 plants from a home in the 17600 block of Kishwaukee Valley Road near Woodstock, or about $6.6 million in marijuana plants altogether. 

Each plant yields about a pound of dried marijuana and has a street value of $1,500 per pound, said MEG Deputy Director Jeff Padilla. "These guys were professionals. This was their business," he said.

The operations included grow lights, drip lines, ventilation, air purification units and illegal power lines run off the main line to hide the fact they were using a lot of electricity.

Charged with conspiracy to manufacture marijuana were Robert Cain, 47, of Cary; Charles Persico, 32, of Hoffman Estates; Jerry Romine, 30, of Woodstock; Jonathan Romine, 32, of Lake in the Hills; Loretta Cattani, 56, of Union; and Robert Stringini, 71, of Schaumburg. Padilla said that those arrested are family members and the continuing investigation could lead to more arrests. Police also found 4,400 pounds of marijuana growing and 500 pounds of dried marijuana ready for packaging. The two houses were owned by family members and not rented.

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