David Jessop - 4 Years for Marijuana

David has been released. Welcome home! David was sentenced to 4 years in prison for a marijuana DUI in Arizona.

DAVID S. JESSOP # 161234
DOB: 08/05/1980 
RELEASED DATE: 3/21/2016

Words from David Jessop - Click here

David Jessop lost his case and was sentenced to 4 years in Phoenix west for blood drawn DUI given for THC in system without Nano testing being performed. Considered to be an Aggravated DUI cause his Lic. was suspended. He needs visits that I have not been able to get and letters etc... no other contact besides me at this time.' 

A Prescott police officer saw Jessop, 31, driving his car on Gurley Street and recognized him as the man he'd run a license plate check on the previous week and tried to stop. At that time, he lost sight of him in traffic, according to a police report.

The officer caught up with Jessop, then stopped and arrested him, at which point Jessop reportedly told the officer that his license was suspended for a prior DUI, the report said.

While searching Jessop's car, the officer spotted marijuana residue and what looked like a small flashlight. Jessop initially told the officer the small device was just a flashlight, but later said it was a pipe to smoke marijuana, the report said.

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