Q#5 - Dem vs Rep

Question #5: Can democrats and republicans ever work together to get anything done for all Americans?

Yes, most definitely yes democrats and republicans can work together to work on important issues and problems for all Americans - We the People...after all.

I believe that is the point of Congress for our elected officials to work together to compromise and find answers and solutions to complex problems and issues. Congressmen and Congresswomen are elected into office to represent the people, all the people, they are civil servants.

I feel that all issues are beyond ‘a party affiliation’ ie: judicial reform, healthcare, jobs, infrastructure...theses issues are felt by everyone regardless if you are a republican, democrat, constitutionalist, independent, liberal, green party, etc. Remembering that we are all in this together is the key to compromise.

I also believe that on both State and Federal elections it should be easier for ALL parties to enter the race: not just democrats and republicans. The playing field should be equal- one candidate should not be able to simply be-put-on the ballot because they are in the major parties while another candidate has to collect thousands of signatures to simply be put on the ballot.

When elected into Congress I will work with everyone to help pass and support bills and laws that protect the rights of all Americans: I will work to find a common-ground, I will work on finding compromises, I will listen to the people, I will listen and learn, I am open to change, and I will represent the will of my constituency.

I am running for office to be the change I want to see. Thank you for your support and VOTE#VoteWisdom4Congress

Adela Wisdom for US Congress - Running for US Representative in the 3rd District of Missouri. District 3 covers northern Jefferson County and extends north and west past the St. Louis area, covering much of east-central Missouri. Missouri's 3rd Congressional District consists of all or part of the following counties: Callaway, Camden, Cole, Franklin, Gasconade, Jefferson, Lincoln, Maries, Miller, Montgomery, Osage, St. Charles and Warren. I am eager to serve you and all the families in our district.

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