Edwin Rubis - 40 years for Marijuana

EDWIN W RUBIS # 79282-079
P.M.B 1000

DOB: 5/20/1968
RELEASE DATE: 08/06/2032

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Grant Clemency To My Son Edwin Walter Rubis, 480 months for marijuana is not justice.

Edwin Walter Rubis, is serving a federal sentence of 40 years for a nonviolent marijuana offense. He was sentenced in Houston, Texas, where statistics have shown that harsh sentences are more often given to minorities. He has been in prison since 1998, and has served as a model inmate for all of those 18 years. It is time for him to get a second chance at life. At the age of 19, Edwin began to battle drug addiction and began to get into trouble with the law. Over the course of his drug addiction we sought him help to get his life in order but to no avail.  At the age of 29, he was slapped with this offense, and we discovered that when a family can’t afford to hire a competent independent attorney, their chances at justice are very slim. Edwin was appointed a lawyer for “indigent defendants,”, and he was immediately advised to give the court information on other drug offenders he knew. Edwin truly did not have the information they were looking for, so he was quickly deemed “uncooperative” and the trial judge gave him a particularly harsh sentence -- 40 years. He has been in prison ever since. He has served 18 years for a nonviolent marijuana offense. Even if he had been fairly represented and his trial hadn’t been weighed against him, 18 years is sufficient for this crime. Please sign our petition asking President Obama to grant our son clemency, Edwin Rubis, so he may have a second chance at life. Edwin has been working hard to make his time in prison productive. He has certificates of completion from the psychology and religious departments. He completed a 2-year apprenticeship to be a dental assistant in the medical department. He is active in personal spiritual studies, and is seen as a mentor by his peers for both spiritual and personal character. In fact, a pastor at a rehabilitation program in Florida has said that he has a job opening available for him upon his release. Sadly, we have exhausted all legal avenues in our search for justice for Edwin. I am pleading for him to receive a presidential clemency so that he can continue his rehabilitative work and efforts to help young men deal with situations similar to those he faced during his younger years on the streets. He wants to further his education and help others out of the justice penal system. Please sign this petition urging President Obama to grant my son, Edwin Walter Rubis, clemency. He has been rehabilitated, and he deserves a second chance. Sincerely, Maria Alicia Roque


On May 27, 1998, Drug Enforcement Agents and members of the Texas Gulf Coast Task Force ransacked my home searching for illicit drugs meanwhile my pregnant wife, my three year old son, and I looked on. After NO drugs, money, or guns were found, I was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute marijuana, based on hearsay statements from arrested individuals who were trying to save their hides. When the magistrate read me my charges my knees buckled. My court appointed attorney, Kenneth McCoy, said not to worry, that it was only a preliminary hearing (whatever that meant).

Seven months later, believing in my innocence and at my attorney's advice, I went to trial. Little did I know that completely unsubstantiated hearsay statements are admissible in federal court. I was eventually found guilty and sentenced to a de-facto life sentence of 40 YEARS.
Unable to cope with such severe punishment, I became extremely depressed and ultimately tried to commit suicide. Only by God's grace did I survive.

Fast forward 23 years later. I'm still sitting in federal prison for a non-violent marijuana offense, where no drugs, money, or guns were ever found on me. I have continuously cried out for a pardon or clemency through three presidential administrations. President Bush didn't want to hear my story. President Obama passed me up to appease the prosecutor. President Trump pardoned Judge Janine Pirro's [FOX news personality] ex-husband instead of me.

And to top it all off, members of the U.S. government are NOW profiting from the same product (cannabis) that many people are in federal prison for.

In 2019, ex-speaker of the House, John Boehner and Massachusetts governor Bill Weld became board members for Acreage Holdings (a multi-state cannabis corporation) and held 625,000 shares equal to 20 million dollars each. When asked what changed their perspective from tough on cannabis to dealing in the stuff. They said, "profits".
So is this fair ? Is this politically correct ? For me to be still sitting in federal prison while the elite are raking in millions and millions of dollars with the same product I continue to be in prison for?

YOU be the judge. YOU be the voice of reason. Please speak out, not only on my behalf, but for every other cannabis prisoner that's languishing in prison while all these politicians (who are adamantly keeping us in prison) are filling up their pockets from the profits of cannabis. #freedwinrubis [to learn more about my story text me: (513) 842-8766] or follow it on twitter: @FreeRubis

Date of Birth: 8/20/1968

Marital status: Single

Age: 52

Children: My three sons: Keanu, Austin, and Nick

State where I am from: Houston, Texas

State Indicted: Houston, Texas

Will release to: Miami, Florida

Trial or Pled guilty: I went to Trial

Length of Sentence: 40 years

Time Served: 23 years

Started Sentence: May 27, 1998

Release Date: 2033

Priors: Burglary of a motor vehicle, DWI

Prison Conduct. No incident disciplinary reports for the past 22 years.

Clemency Status: Clemency # 278428 - Currently Pending in the Office of the Pardon Attorney in Washington

Health Issues: I take thyroid medication

Supporters: Too many to list

Institution: REG. NO. 79282-079 - FCI-Talladega, PMB 1000, Talladega, AL 35160

Accomplishments: I am currently working on my Doctorate Degree in Counseling.

Clemency Page: https://www.change.org/p/kamala-harris-pres-joe-biden-please-free-edwin-rubis-40-years-for-a-marijuana-crime-is-not-justice

Contact Information: Carter (256) 299-5058 E-MAIL: [email protected]

Do you need anything: Yes. Commissary funds, funds for my Doctorate Degree, and books to read.

Good Morning Adela. I want to wish you a great week. Also, I sent you a short part of my story and other personal information. If you need pictures please e mail Carter {contact information} or you can go to this FB page: https://www.facebook.com/edwin-rubis-prison-ministries-845637128876100/

Let me know if you need additional information. And thank you so much for your kind assistance.

p.s. I can call you whenever you like me to.

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