Irma Alred - 31 years for Marijuana

Irma has been released. Welcome home Irma.

DOB: 10/17/1956
RELEASED ON: 10/30/2015

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Irma Alred is sentenced to 30 years, ten months for conspiracy to distribute marijuana her estimated release date: 09-28-2020.

"I was sentenced to 30 years and 10 months in prison to be followed by 10 years supervised release and a $25,000 fine. My charge was conspiracy to distribute marijuana along with my now ex-husband and his brother as well as some other people I didn’t know who were with them when they had drug transactions. There was no evidence against me other than hearsay from people who were granted everything from immunity to 30 days home confinement for their testimony. We were all facing the same penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines. I proceeded to trial and was punished further by getting enhancements for a gun my codefendant had (which was also hearsay by the same man who admitted to being a cocaine abuser who would stand out in the pouring rain seeing things from too much drug use) and an enhancement to “king-pin” status.

It’s amazing how one can receive so much time behind bars for hearsay by people who stand to gain so much by lying. I just can’t believe the government can tell somebody that you’re going to jail for 30 years, but if you place blame on this other person, you’ll only do 30 days on an electronic home monitoring system which you wear on your ankle. The probation officer advised against the fine because I don’t have any money, but the judge assessed $25,000 anyway. Now I have to pay half of my prison wages (which began at 12 cents per hour) to the government.

The government tapped my phones and heard the word “jackets” and told the jury that jackets meant pounds of drugs. I owned a sewing business and jackets meant jackets. To make matters worse, I also owned acres of land and farmed crops and raised cattle. Any time I mentioned a vegetable or a cow, again, they told the jury it was all about drugs…

I’ve served six years and have to serve another 25 years. By then my children will be grandparents, if I live that long to see it happen.”

—Irma Alred

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