James Romans - Life for Pot

Jimmy was sentenced to a Life sentence for marijuana. His sentence has been reduced to 30 years. Jimmy has just tested positive for COVID. Jimmy has been released.

JAMES R ROMANS # 10195-028  'Jimmy'
DOB: 7/7/1971
Located at: Lexington FMC
Released On: 01/20/2021

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From Elizabeth-
In February of 2013 my brother was sentenced to LIFE for conspiracy to distribute Marijuana. 

The case # is CAUSE NO. 4:11-CR-127.6. Prior to this conviction, my brother has never had any violent cases. He had been raised, and was currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana. Approximately 1.5 years prior to his sentencing he was on a work release program getting his life on track, he had 2 weeks remaining of his program before he would successfully complete it, along with holding down a job. 

It was then that the Federal Drug Taskforce came to his home, took him from his home and transported him down to Dallas Texas, where he has never lived. They also transported apprx. 15 other gentlemen from the State of Indiana down to Texas. My brother was taken away from all his friends, and all of his family. He did not understand what was going on, only to find out the Federal Government had taken his state case, and turned it into a Federal Case, the State case which he was almost finished serving. 

The Federal Government did not catch my brother with any marijuana on him, nor did they see him conduct any transactions. The entire case is based upon hearsay from other individuals. My brother has never been a snitch, so for this case, he would not speak, or make up stories regarding other people. Once the case was heard, my brother was sentenced to LIFE in prison. While the individuals that were “supposedly” higher in this case, were only presented with 12 years. 

This is completely wrong, and unjust. My brothers case is currently in the 5th district court of appeals in Louisiana, waiting to be heard. He has a court appointed lawyer whom we have not had much cooperation with. We are asking for all the help that we can get. My brother has 3 amazing children who he LOVES and adored and spent the majority of his time with prior to this case. He has NEVER been a violent person, does not have ANY convictions for being a violent person, he has NEVER lived in the state of Texas, nor “conducted transactions” (As the case states) in the State of Texas. Although, I am not saying that a charge of conspiracy to distribute does not warrant some type of jail time, I do not believe that it warrants a LIFE in prison sentence. 

My brother was given longer sentences than MURDERS and CHILD PREDATORS! 

This type of sentencing MUST STOP in our courts today! Please sign my petition asking the 5th district court of appeals to hear my brothers case and provide a clemency, or shorter sentence.

Please feel free to review my brothers case as well to understand the details. I thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

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