John Lindsey - 30 years for Marijuana

John is serving a 30 year federal prison sentence for marijuana. John has been released.

JOHN W LINDSEY # 03205-025
DOB: 12/30/64
LOCATED AT: Greenville FCI
Released On: 02/22/2021

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US vs Lindsey

Hi my name is Teresa Guth an John gave me your email to be his contact for getting his story out there an hopefully get him home to his family. 21 years this month he has sat in prison for conspiracy to distribute pot although the only evidence they had on him was testimony of others who were keeping theirselves out of prison.. I have John writing his story in his words as we speak also I have pics of him and his daughter who has NEVER felt her dad's arms around her in the free world.. I have appointment with an attorney to see how much it will cost to have someone work on his clemency application he has 6 years left on this ridiculous sentence an will almost be 60 when they let him out..

He is a good man who has changed his life on his own he has been drug an alcohol free for 15 years his choice... He has also worked for unicore for 15 years he teaches classes and has taken all the education prison has offered everything he has been thru has yet to break him it's made him stronger. But enough is enough I will do whatever it takes to get him home 

Two prior convictions for pot a sale of 2 ounces and a sale of 10.2 grams about 2 years apart my third strike was filled he and i work together i am doing 30 years for or 3 pounds of pot plead guilty in state the 10 month into sentence feds pick up my case i have just over 20 years in now i have more to talk about just wanted to start with a few fact about my case it John Lindsey in the 7th circuit the case is from 1994 till we talk again J W Lindsey

I am doing 30 years for pot. I had two prior convictions for pot, a sale of 2 ounces and a sale of 10.2 grams, about 2 years apart. My third strike was for 3 pounds of pot, I plead guilty in state the 10 month into sentence feds pick up my case. I have just over 20 years in now.

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