Judicial Reform

The criminal justice system has become more expensive and less effective.

The US spends more than $80 billion annually on state and federal corrections. Include judicial, legal, and law enforcement expenditures that number increases to $260 billion.

The Drug War alone has cost over a trillion dollars and has resulted in a system of mass incarceration where now the US who represent 5% of the world’s population holds 25% of the world's incarcerated in its jails and prisons.

Over 2.4 million people are incarcerated in the US. Roughly, 7 million people are under the supervision of adult correctional system. 1 in every 35 adults in the US:  are on probation, on parole, or incarcerated in prison or jail.

Despite increased spending, recidivism rates remain high. Four out of every ten adult offenders return to prison within three years of release.

The current trend towards privatization of prisons only exacerbates the commodification of the incarcerated. The time is now to dismantle, reform and transform our system.

Judicial Reform - Incarceration vs. Rehabilitation. 

I stand for judicial reform. I believe in rehabilitation vs incarceration. It cost taxpayers $60 a day to keep one person incarcerated. Missouri's prison system is running at 105 percent of capacity. 70% of inmates at WERDC are incarcerated for drugs. Opioid epidemic is real we need solutions not incarceration.

* Time to fix this system. Make these women productive members of society again.

Missouri's Incarceration Rate Highest for Women. 70% of women incarcerated at WERDCC are in there for drug offenses. According to the Council of State Governments Justice Center, Missouri's incarceration rate has increased in recent years and is well over the national average. Between 2010 and 2015, Missouri's incarceration rate increased by 4 percent and was eighth highest in the nation in 2015. The state can invest $189 million to treat offenders in the community for behavioral health problems or risk paying $485 million to build new prisons. Missouri's prison system is running at 105 percent of capacity.

Missouri's Incarceration Rate Highest for Women

This is just a glimpse of some of the issues regarding judicial reform. I have a lot more I’d like to address regarding this issue.

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