Q#22 - MEDIA

Question #22: How do you feel about our media, fake news, etc.?

I don’t believe the media is reporting the news. I feel the media is bias and is unable to report the simple facts.

Media have tremendous power in setting cultural guidelines and in shaping political discourse. It is essential that news media, along with other institutions, are challenged to be fair and accurate. The first step in challenging biased news coverage is documenting bias.

In the US, there are six corporate media giants that own 90 percent of the US media market—GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS.

It would be naive of anyone to believe that the people writing the paychecks for those reporting the news don’t hold some sway over what news gets reported, and how it gets reported.

This is especially apparent during every US Presidential election. Media corporate owners contribute significant campaign contributions to their favored candidates on one hand. On the other hand, they published news stories with a positive spin for their own favored candidate. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, The New Yorker, and The Blaze are just a few examples.

Is it news or is it the Art of Argumentation, the Art of Persuasion, or just to much loaded language? The media coverage should be fair and unbiased. We need to challenge corporate media bias, spin and misinformation. I respect the First Amendment.

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