Q#18 - Running for Office

Question #18: Why are you running for Congress?

I am running for US Representative in the 3rd Congressional District of Missouri because I want to be the change I want to see in Congress.

I am a Native American Woman who is and has been : a farmer, small business owner, teacher, student, wife, sister, daughter, auntie, activist, and advocate. I am your neighbor, I am the girl next door.

I am here to make a difference in this world. I have the ability to make a difference in this world. I bring a unique perspective to many situations, I have the ability to see all sides of situations, I am able to work with everyone, I am able to find a compromise, I am compassionate and passionate, I can bridge the gap in Congress.

I fully support transparency. I want to merge social media awareness and politics. I know how to communicate with both our elders and our youth. I can bridge the generation gap; and the technological gap.

I am running for office to be the change I want to see. Thank you for your support and VOTE#VoteWisdom4Congress

Adela Wisdom for US Congress - Running for US Representative in the 3rd District of Missouri. District 3 covers northern Jefferson County and extends north and west past the St. Louis area, covering much of east-central Missouri. Missouri's 3rd Congressional District consists of all or part of the following counties: Callaway, Camden, Cole, Franklin, Gasconade, Jefferson, Lincoln, Maries, Miller, Montgomery, Osage, St. Charles and Warren. I am eager to serve you and all the families in our district.

Donate to my campaign here or mail a check.

Contact me at: 
Adela Wisdom
9942 Shrand Lane
Williamsburg, MO 63388

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