Q#11 - School Mental Health

Question #11: I was just curious, what is your opinion/stance on mental health and drug prevention in our school curriculum?

'What about getting trained mental health professionals into our schools and/or a mental health class... This would also help with our kids turning to drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms

I ask because the suicide rate I young children has increased majorly. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc has hit an all time high. Every 6 minutes a child does from suicide. Some as young as 6 years old have been reported. Increase in depression, anxiety and other mental health issues at young ages are also at an all time high.

Our schools offer driver education because they want our teens to be safe when they get out on the road. But statistics show car related deaths average about one every 6 hours compared to suicide of one every 6 minutes. 

Bullying, pressure of testing, sports, home environment, peer pressure, etc has caused a spike in many mental health issues in our children. We have teachers to teach drivers ed yet no professional to educate our children on mental health. We have counselors but they are not trained in mental health specifics.... I firmly believe we need to mandate our schools provide mental health classes one semester of every year beginning in the 5th grade. When the brain is producing the most significant changes and adaptations to our surroundings. The curriculum should be centered around grade/age specifics. Cover everything from signs & symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, etc. To suicide, drugs, triggers....the higher grade level the more in depth. And mandate a child psychologist be present at the school at all times or our school counselors to take specific courses in order to better help our children.'

What is your viewpoint on this huge problem today?

Yes, this is a big problem and I agree that having mental health professionals in school would be beneficial. Our children deserve the best we have to offer. Children need a safe place to express and share any problems and issues they may be facing. Having a healthcare professional in the school would be vital at spotting troubled children and helping our all our youth.

We have more children on psychiatric drugs than ever before - 7,213,599 kids on psychiatric drugs - this is obviously an indicator to a big problem. Having someone available for children to speak to prior to a situation getting out of control is a proactive solution to this problem; a solution I strongly support.

When in Congress I want to be someone that stands with our teachers and our schools and that means protecting our youth and standing with them regarding difficult decisions. This means standing by bills that support our teachers; including teachers pay, addressing overcrowded classroom sizes, bringing back physical education, bringing back art and music classes, advocating for the importance of recess, increasing educational funding, and advocating for implementing the addition of health care professionals in our schools.

The following data was taken from the IQVia Total Patient Tracker Database for Year 2017, extracted April 2018

Drug Class:     All Psychiatric Drugs

0-1 Years 125,361

2-3 Years 202,319

4-5 Years 306,079

6-12 Years 3,259,955

13-17 Years       3,419,633

Grand Total 0-17 Years 7,213,599 kids on psychiatric drugs.

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  • Heather Graves
    commented 2019-07-28 16:22:31 -0500
    The foster care system needs to be fixed. Children’s mental health is at stake and the courts don’t care!!