The Plant War Rages On

House Bill 523 was signed by Ohio Governor John Kasich in 2016, legalizing Medical Cannabis. 

Citizens of Ohio obtained cards from their doctors, and felt protected by the new law when choosing to treat their medical conditions with Cannabis. Unfortunately the law hasn't protected a husband and wife in Mercer County Ohio, who are both facing over 50 years each behind bars for medical Cannabis. 

On Halloween night 2017, law enforcement showed up at the home of Peggy Kimmel and Glenn Keeling. They were there to take their Cannabis. Peggy and Glenn both had current recommendations from a medical doctor to use Cannabis. The officers disregarded their recommendations.  Glenn was arrested that night. Peggy was later indicted by a Grand Jury.  The multitude of charges against them both, ranges from possession, to trafficking, to child endangerment.  

I first became aware of this injustice on The International Cannabis Patients Wall on Facebook. Peggy Kimmel had written a post asking the public to help. Feeling inspired to do so, I reached out to Peggy.

She was more than willing to answer all of my questions, and provide documented proof to back up her family's story.  What I discovered, are good people, community leaders, who were positive assets to their community. Now they are living a nightmare, going on for over 2 years now, that shouldn't ever happen to anyone.

Using Cannabis to improve your health and well-being, in a legal medicinal state, while having authorizations from a doctor shouldn't be a crime. Technically it isn't, because there is no victim. No Victim No Crime. Yet, Mercer County Prosecutor Matt Fox persists with his persecution and prosecution of a wife using Cannabis to treat her MS, and a husband using Cannabis to treat his Crohn's disease. A 16 year old young lady is at risk of loosing her home and family, despite the fact that CPS closed the case in under 1 month, ultimately deciding that the best place for her, is in her home, with her parents. 

legaLIEzation isn't what most people think it is. It isn't stopping prosecutions, even of people who are following the law. Peggy Kimmel and Glenn Keeling, are facing over 50 years each in prison for something they are still allowed to do per bond condition - use Cannabis to treat their health conditions. Prison would be a dead sentence for Peggy. Her attorney, Eric Allen, has informed her that one of the pharmaceutical drugs she uses along side Cannabis, would not be available to her in prison, because of it's cost. Without it, her health and life would quickly decline. The on going stress of this injustice is taking it's toll on both Peggy and Glenn. This is madness. They need our help. 

A question I'm frequently asked - If they were following the law, what would the prosecutor have to gain in the prosecution of Peggy and Glenn?

While I cannot say for sure,  I do know that Ohio has private prisons. These prisons have contracts with the government, to keep occupancy at a certain percentage. If contract is breached, the prison will sue the state. I do wonder if this may be a motivating factor for Mr. Fox. Prosecution would also result in asset forfeiture. Peggy's home she purchased years ago, along with an antique collection Glenn owns, would be taken upon prosecution.

No family should be torn apart over a healing plant. 

***Call To Action***

*Call Mercer County Prosecutor Matt Fox's office (419) 586-8677 and politely ask that he drop all charges against Peggy Kimmel and Glenn Keeling. Or send him an email: [email protected]

*Write "Drop All Charges Against Peggy And Glenn" on a piece of paper. Take a photo of you holding your sign. Email photo to [email protected]

I'll be sending these photos in to the court, to be added as evidence in both cases before the end of 2019. 

Public support matters. Together we can, and we will, set this family free. One Team One Dream

Written by: Kerry Cannon 

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