Van Nguyen - 17.5 years for Marijuana

Van has been released.

VAN PHONG NGUYEN # 13254-041
DOB: 3/20/1979
Released On: 12/30/2019

Words from Van Nguyen - Click here

US vs Nguyen

Nguyen Marijuana Business

No later than 2005, Phieu hatched a conspiracy to manufacture marijuana in Siouxland for sale throughout the United States. At its zenith, the conspiracy included seven “grow houses” and over 6,000 marijuana plants. Six of the grow houses were in Sioux City, Iowa, and the remaining grow house was located in South Sioux City, Nebraska.

Phieu recruited family members and others to help him grow, process, and sell marijuana. Phieu's co-conspirators included David, Va, Bao Quoc Nguyen (Bao), Khoi Van Ha (Khoi), Tru Quoc Nguyen (Tru), and Phong Duy Le (Phong). Phieu's co-conspirators helped him procure electricity for the grow houses,2 buy supplies, tend marijuana plants, and dispose of waste. David arranged and oversaw all of Phieu's sales.

Phieu's marijuana conspiracy was very successful and generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Phieu was in charge of revenue, and he purchased expensive cars and a nice house with his share of the profits. Phieu orchestrated a variety of financial transactions to conceal his ill-gotten gains-purchasing money orders, funneling cash through his children's bank accounts, and breaking up his own deposits into individual amounts under $10,000 to evade federal

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