Drop All Charges - 10 years for Cannabis Plants

We are Adela and Aaron Wisdom, judicial reform advocates, small farmers and residents of Callaway County, Missouri. This is our home and we love it dearly. We never dreamed that something like this could happen to us, not once but twice.

On June 18 2020 while still in my nightgown and barefoot, in the privacy of my own home and land, unidentified masked armed men invaded our property. In fear for our lives, with a gun pointed at my face, I immediately put my hands up in submission. I didn’t know what to think. I had nothing to cover myself and my nightgown was transparent. I knew I was going to die naked and exposed.

Instead I was handcuffed and placed in a car without a warrant and begging for clothing, underwear, and a female deputy, all of which I was denied as a man patted me down and felt my breasts through the see through fabric. I was kept confined and exposed for almost an hour before someone arrived with a warrant for our property. They then proceeded to search additional adjoining properties not on the warrant. This was their second search, after a prior search on Constitution day last year had been unsuccessful and yielded no crime or chargeable offenses. 

Already having been detained and denied clothing we were both then arrested and transported to jail where the humiliation and debasement continued. My husband and I were separated and I was left cold, exposed and terrified. Still begging for clothing, I was paraded in front of unfamiliar men being held in custody. I was not allowed to bring my tribal ID and was laughed at when I informed them I was Native American.   Medical care was not available and I was denied vital medications. With obviously no access to healthcare it was necessary to borrow money to post bond.

We are alleged to have had approximately 20 "marijuana", botanically known as cannabis sativa, a declared noxious weed on our property.

We are law abiding citizens who have always sought appropriate avenues in our interactions with various agencies. We need help fighting this injustice and this outrageous use of force and police resources. We are facing a decade each in prison for a plant that Missouri has classified as a noxious weed that needs to be pulled and disposed of. We did nothing more than obey the law. No-one belongs in jail for a plant.

Thank you so much for your support. 
Adela & Aaron Wisdom


  263.250.  Marijuana plant to be destroyed — county commission to destroy, when. — 1.  The plant "marijuana", botanically known as cannabis sativa, is hereby declared to be a noxious weed and all owners and occupiers of land shall destroy all such plants growing upon their land.  Any person who knowingly allows such plants to grow on his land or refuses to destroy such plants after being notified to do so shall allow any sheriff or such other persons as designated by the county commission to enter upon any land in this state and destroy such plants.

  2.  Entry to such lands shall not be made, by any sheriff or other designated person to destroy such plants, until fifteen days' notice by certified mail shall be given the owner or occupant to destroy such plants or a search warrant shall be issued on probable cause shown.  In all such instances, the county commission shall bear the cost of destruction and notification.

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  • James Short
    signed 2020-08-06 12:26:54 -0500
    Nomensrea no one should be locked up for having a relationship with mother nature, the modern day witch Hunters are the ones that need to be judged for crimes against humanity. Let are people go
  • Harley Dennis
    signed 2020-08-06 12:22:43 -0500
  • David Auble
    signed 2020-08-06 12:21:54 -0500
    war on the the use of a plant that has not hurt anyone is stupid. war on a plant that helps people heal is criminal and cruel beyond measure . it needs to stop
  • Danny Lansdown
    signed 2020-08-06 12:21:06 -0500
  • Patricia Lee
    signed 2020-08-06 12:11:39 -0500
  • Tabitha Harness
    signed 2020-08-06 12:10:47 -0500
    This is absurd for you to be facing this for a plant! Free the Wisdom’s! Free the Plant! 💚✌🏼💚
  • Edythe Jones
    signed 2020-08-06 12:01:36 -0500
  • Dylan Mercer
    signed 2020-08-06 12:00:02 -0500
    How can a plant be a crime? Can anyone show me a victim in this case please? Nobody should be torn away from their loved ones just for growing a plant
  • Benita Rodriguez
    signed via 2020-08-06 11:58:50 -0500
  • tracy fanara
    signed via 2020-08-06 11:53:34 -0500
  • Nicole Vincent
    signed 2020-08-06 11:48:28 -0500
    Maybe prosecute the Meth and Heroine dealers and the pedophiles instead of the ones allegedly growing a plant that has killed no one, ever.
  • Kenneth Busch
    signed 2020-08-06 11:42:46 -0500
  • Stephen Pruitt
    signed 2020-08-06 11:25:20 -0500
    The continued attacks on citizens, for a known harmless plant is ridiculous. I’m certain that cops choose to enforce certain laws, and not others. The states that still have prohibition laws, don’t have to enforce the law, any more than the law about walking a cow on Sunday in a dress.
  • Michelle Bordelon
    signed via 2020-08-06 11:20:33 -0500
  • Michael Burger
    signed 2020-08-06 11:19:59 -0500
  • Martin Nielsen
    signed 2020-08-06 11:16:03 -0500
  • Dan Herer
    signed 2020-08-06 11:11:23 -0500
    this is a plant that has been in the service of Mankind for 1000s of yrs. We as far back as the new colonies and declaration of these United States, to the development of the pharmacopeia through compounding for medicine, to Cannabis being legalized and encouraged to grow by the U.S. Government through the Department Of Defense during WWII. HEMP FOR VICTORY PROGRAM 1942!!!! and the 14min news real produced by the U.S. Department of Ag. This plant has served all mankind around the globe. The narrative that continues to circulate since the 1930 till today to instill fear has been based on lies and miss information, started by those in power that did not want a plant that would be in direct competition to their products and profits future forward. Not to mention the parallel narrative that was created to bind racism of those black and brown and Cannabis together as equal threats to society and the preservation of the our preceived way of life in America
  • Erin Ganote
    signed 2020-08-06 10:53:35 -0500
    No one deserves to be in jail for a plant Congress needs to change and wisdom do not send them to prison put them in office
  • Kenneth Vance
    signed 2020-08-06 10:44:36 -0500
  • Deborah Jagger
    signed via 2020-08-06 10:40:08 -0500
  • Stacey Woolford
    signed 2020-08-06 10:38:32 -0500
  • Christyn Bailey
    signed 2020-08-06 10:38:15 -0500
  • David Daniels
    signed 2020-08-06 10:17:26 -0500
  • Kathi Duran
    signed 2020-08-06 10:10:47 -0500
  • Angela Gastreich
    signed 2020-08-06 10:01:06 -0500
  • Lisa Gresham Gordon
    signed 2020-08-06 09:56:54 -0500
    Seriously ? leave these people alone! Hemp and Cannabis were used for years in every aspect of life before becoming illegal in 1937. With ALL the problems of society this doesn’t even RATE. California releases 18000 prisoners some violent and you arrest people for WHAT ? Drop the charges
  • Jaime Wallace
    signed via 2020-08-06 09:54:00 -0500
  • Kevin Kleinert
    signed 2020-08-06 09:32:11 -0500
  • Angel Gerken
    signed 2020-08-06 09:25:17 -0500
  • Linda Wolff
    signed 2020-08-06 09:24:22 -0500